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This Week in Twitter 2009-05-03

This Week in Twitter 2009-04-26

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This Week in Twitter 2009-04-12

  • I’m on a bus! …To Bucknell for the Bison Outdoor Classic. #
  • Prefrosh everywhere! #
  • @mobius33 Just one…inflation at Trillium must belike 80,000% #
  • Just got the shaft at Trillium, somehow my Iced Tea, Chinese Combo and Reeses Pie cost nearly $15. #
  • @esbie Google Voice is boss. in reply to esbie #
  • @derekcftam Install CrossOver and run the Windows version from your Mac in reply to derekcftam #
  • @derekcftam Not too many alternatives. Perhaps Google Spreadsheet or Zoho. As much as I love iWork, I’m not huge in Numbers yet. in reply to derekcftam #
  • @USuMBS No, people assume that already, it’s part of the stereotype. I said you secretly bench press 550 lbs. in reply to USuMBS #
  • RT @EatingIthaca @bittman World’s largest urban farm planned for … Detroit: http://bit.ly/x0WT #
  • Dude in the library must really like Lipton Tea. He had at least 4 bottles around him, 3 of which were already empty. #
  • @Nick_Longfellow You could’ve just went to Nasties. in reply to Nick_Longfellow #
  • 3 Word docs, 1 PDF, Finder, Write-n-Cite not to mention iChat and Safari. Thank god for Tabs and Spaces. #
  • I’m making a huge mess with this croissant. People like me are the reason food isn’t allowed in the library. #
  • GirlTalk…not sure if I’m excited or not. #
  • @USuMBS That’s inherently contradictory. Beautiful day=anything buy studying. in reply to USuMBS #
  • The CDL Fashion show was pretty cool. Good thing I don’t carry my checkbook or cash on me ever or I’d be out another $50. #

This Week in Twitter 2009-04-05

This Week in Twitter 2009-03-29

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