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8 In a Row!

Heps ChampsCongratulations to all the guys who competed at the Heptagonal Championship for an Ivy League Record 8 consecutive outdoor track and field championships.

Photo Credit: Dan Grossman

Bolt vs. Phelps

Olympic Champions and world record holders

Olympic Champions and world record holders

It’s hard to believe that the Olympics Games in Beijing took place nearly a year ago given the many unforgettable performances witnessed by the world. For most people, one athlete’s performances stand out in particular. Michael Phelps undoubtedly took the show with an unprecedented 8 gold medals, 7 world records and 1 Olympic record. In total, Phelps has won more gold medals than any OIympian with 14 and has broken 35 world records the last of which he broke just today at the World Championships.

Phelps is definitely one of the greatest athletes of all time, with more to come. Call me biased, but Phelps’ records are a little overplayed relative to Bolt’s world record performances on the track at 100m, 200m and the 4×100m relay. Here’s why. Continue reading ‘Bolt vs. Phelps’

Usain Bolt – World’s Fastest Man

Not two months ago, superstar sprinter Usain Bolt flipped his car into a ditch. The accident resulted in Bolt getting surgery on some wounds he obtained exiting the wrecked car. Despite this setback, Bolt came back this past week (to the dismay of his coach) in a publicity 150m race held on a specially constructed track in the streets of Manchester.

Bolt shattered the world best with a time of 14.35, but even more impressive was how fast he covered the last 100m. After the first 50m, Bolt ran the next 100m in 8.72. That’s unbelievably staggering especially considering the level of fitness Bolt’s in after missing some training. This 100m split is 0.97 seconds off Bolt’s 9.69 world record set at the Beijing Olympic Games. In my experience, a block start shouldn’t add a full second to a flying time, especially for a sprinter of Bolt’s caliber.

We have yet to see the best of Bolt. A rather conservative estimate on my part puts the WR at 9.4X, but only time will tell. I doubt that he’d go for this, but I would really like to see Bolt own records at every distance from 100-400m (he’s already halfway there). It’s a good time for Puma’s marketing department, that’s for sure.

Check out the race for yourself at Universal Sports

Beautiful day, ugly running

Yet another subpar race this week. I’m still trying to figure out what the deal is. This season has definitely been beyond frustrating.

Bucknell Bison Outdoor Invitational

Here’s a video from this past weekend’s meet at Bucknell University. Definitely didn’t do as well as I hoped.

The video was recorded on a Polaroid DVC-00725F High Definition Digital Camcorder and edited in iMovie.

Eyes on Beijing

The Olympics are finally here. Always one of my favorite events, this year’s Olympic Games in Beijing, China was one of the most hyped ever. As someone who has always been wary of the Chinese, still found myself thoroughly impressed with the opening ceremony. The artistic performance was highly creative and melded clockwork precision with 15,000 performers; the Chinese have seriously set the bar high for future hosts as well as shown the world how far China has come in the last decade. Aside from one tragic story, the games are well run so far.

As of today, China leads not only the overall medal count, but the gold medal count as well (China 9, U.S. 3). While i don’t expect the discrepancy to last for long (espescially once track and field gets under way), I strongly believe that China will give the United States a strong run for it’s money in terms of overall medals.

So far we’ve seen some epic performances, most notably in swimming, fencing and basketball but there are stil nearly two weeks of competition. I typically find myself watching two TV channels at once and stream another event on my computer. You might call me some sort of Olympics addict. Derek posted some stunning photos over on Markfive, and Gizmodo has an interesting read about the opening ceremony here. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have 3 screens worth of Olympics to watch!

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