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Google Wave: First Impression

I finally got an invitation to create my Google Wave account; the extremely hyped and highly anticipated communication platform. For those who are still unclear what wave really is, the premise is this: Continue reading ‘Google Wave: First Impression’

The Power of the Web

The internet is a pretty remarkable resource. One of my favorite websites, Xplane put out a new video that puts the internet into perspective.

Being tech savvy means I’m usually the one my friends and family come to when they can’t figure something technology-related out. It looks as if maybe one day, the rate of innovation might leave even me in the dust. Scary.

Explanations “In plain English”

In light of Cornell’s launching of Google Apps for Education, dubbed CMail, there has undoubtedly a slew of questions about how it works. For many people, the concept of “cloud computing” is pretty novel. Trying to explain this to a tech-newbie can sometimes be difficult.

Enter Common Craft. Common Craft is a company that specializes in explanations. They’ve produced plenty of videos that make sense of products or services that aren’t quite so obvious. Two of my favorites are Twitter in Plain English and Google Docs in Plain English. Continue reading ‘Explanations “In plain English”’

Reasons to go Slimmy

Koyono Slimmy Wallet

Koyono Slimmy Wallet

I wrote a review of the Koyono Slimmy Wallet a little while back, but I thought this was worth revisiting. Koyono has posted a list of reasons to go Slimmy which is probably more convincing than me.

I’ve had mine for several months now and I love it. It really is a sleek looking wallet. Koyono also has some of the coolest accessories in their collection as well. Be sure to check them out.

Facebook gets “Twitterized”

So late last week, Facebook released yet another design change to its ever-popular website. As with every change to date, the users unleashed a slew of backlash towards the latest update. Most peoples’ displeasure came in the form of angry status updates (“I hate FB…WTF!!!!” etc.) and the always effective petition groups (How to get the old Facebook Back). Personally, I welcomed most of the changes as improvements; it puzzled me why people opposed everything Facebook did to the site.

Continue reading ‘Facebook gets “Twitterized”’

Facebook Haters

So Facebook finally went live with it’s latest design and as expected, the backlash began right away. Search Facebook Groups for “new Facebook” and you’ll see results such as “I HATE THE NEW FACEBOOK (STALKER) Layout” or “The New Facebook Sucks!” or “I Hate the New Facebook”. Looking at most of these groups, it is clear that these people are misunderstanding what Facebook is meant to be.
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