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Life with a smartphone

For someone as nerdy as myself, it’s amazing how I survived so long with a “dumb phone.” The primary reason for not adopting a smartphone sooner was cost. Due to a series of impulsive decisions, I’ve finally joined the club, but where I ended up might be surprising to those who know me for my Apple Fanboy-ism. Continue reading ‘Life with a smartphone’



If you accessed this page by directing your browser to http://sonicage.com/btan, you should have seen a “404 Page Not Found” error. This is the result of one of many changes I’ve been making here over the last few days. The proper address for my site is now http://brianjtan.com. I chose this domain after much deliberation so if you don’t like it, you can buy something else for me.

In the meantime, I’ll be tinkering with the infrastructure and design a bit as I try to find new content to post as well. Hopefully I’ll be able to get into the habit of posting regularly too. Anyways, if you have any thoughts or suggestions, leave ‘em in the comments.

On another note, I recently wrote about the Kor One Hydration Vessel. I’ve got 5 unique coupon codes that will score you $5 off the purchase of one. Let me know if you’re interested.

How to score free groceries

  1. Plan a late-night trip to Wegmans with your roommate.
  2. Wander around the store finding things you need and even more things you don’t (don’t forget the milk!).
  3. Check out and load up the car.
  4. After arriving home, realize that there is only one jug of milk in the car. Where’s the other jug? You probably left it in the shopping cart.
  5. Go back to Wegmans and go to the service desk. Explain your missing milk situation like an idiot.
  6. Kind/tired Wegmans will give you free milk.
  7. Return to the car only to find that the missing jug has been there all along.
  8. Get your daily dose of calcium.

Blacked out in class

Today in my Risk Management and Policy class (PAM 4230), we were watching some video clips as case studies about how corporations handle litigation in terms of managing risk. The first video clip was from a Frontline documentary about Dow Corning’s breast implants. The early implants leaked silicone and result in adverse health effects for many women. The video itself wasn’t particularly graphic (though they did show some surgery scenes), nor was the topic itself extraordinarily gross. I found myself however, extremely uneasy as the video progressed, unable to sit still.

Eventually, I started to get a tingling sensation throughout my arms and shoulders. Breathing suddenly became a laborious task. The longer I sat there listening to and watching the film, the greater discomfort I experienced. Unsure of what to do, I tried to distract myself with the crossword puzzle to no avail. The darkened classroom made the small print impossible to read. A sensation of heat replaced the initial tingling as my vision blurred and narrowed. Continue reading ‘Blacked out in class’

Back to school

Here we are again, on the eve of yet another first-day-of-school. The difference this time, is that I’m really on my own. In years past, I’ve had my parents and everything else that comes with being in the comfort of your own home. After spending the past week getting moved into my new apartment, the signs of what post-college life have already started peeking around the corners. Worrying about bills, security deposits, cleaning your own place, cooking…all things that were a mere afterthought in my (formerly) carefree lifestyle. The prospect of turning 20 in a couple months doesn’t help me feel any younger; I know that the responsibilities and bills will only pile up even higher.

I’m looking forward to an awesome (and much improved from last year) school year and wish the same to you all.

Pro sports rejects find hope in USARPSL

While surfing the interweb the other day, I stumbled across a little something that epitomizes our country’s incredible capacity to create new markets for the public to indulge their inner consumer whore. Uncrate featured a trip to Vegas’ Mandalay Bay Casino and Resort for the USA Rock Paper Scissors Championship:

Looking for an excuse to get away this weekend? Then book your tickets for Vegas and head over to the Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino for the 2008 USA Rock Paper Scissors League Championship. Sponsored by Bud Light, the event will run all weekend, with the champ being crowned on Sunday, June 22. The champ will receive a $50,000 prize and a ticket to compete in Beijing, China during the Summer Olympics. Not in the Olympics, mind you, but instead in the inaugural International Rock Paper Scissors Federation Championship, where they will compete against the champions from Canada, Guam, Hong Kong, Ireland and Malaysia to see who is the world’s best Rock Paper Scissors player. 1, 2, 3… go!

Is it even possible to be “good” at rock, paper, scissors? If it is, someone please enlighten me because as far as I’m concerned, I’m not convinced this is something that requires a league, $50,000 prizes, and trips to Beijing. It’s incredible that such endeavors are able to be profitable; but I suppose we’re in the one country that would do it. Knowing people buy into stuff like this makes my own consumer whorish tendencies pale in comparison.

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