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Microsoft is at it again

Following in the footsteps of their latest Laptop Hunter ads, Microsoft has created a new ad targeting the iPod. More specifically, the cost of filling an iPod with music. According to Microsoft, it’ll cost $30,000 to fill an iPod from using iTunes. Continue reading ‘Microsoft is at it again’

iPod #4

The other day I picked up an iPod shuffle, the 4th iPod I’ve owned. Do I really need it? Absolutely not, but the iPod shuffle has been irresistible to me ever since it was first introduced in it’s stick-of-gum form. So why would I want an iPod with a small fraction of the capacity and features of my 60GB 5th generation iPod Video? The shuffle’s appeal is in how it compensates for the issues I have with my other iPod.

Continue reading ‘iPod #4′

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