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iPhone for Verizon

Rumors of the iPhone coming to Verizon have been around for ages, but never before have they be as substantial. Verizon has sent out invitations for a special announcement scheduled for Jan. 11th and at this point, the rumor has pretty much been accepted as fact.

One of the biggest gripes current and would-be iPhone owners have is the quality of AT&T’s network. I think that many of these complaints are overhyped. None of the (many) iPhones owners I know have any complaints with AT&T’s cell reception. Also, the assumption that Verizon’s network will provide for a “better” iPhone experience because of their network is a big question mark that remains to be proven.

This bit on TechCrunch sums up my feelings about the iPhone on Verizon’s network:

According to AppleInsider, Verizon sold an estimated 4.4 million Droids. Verizon has 92 million subscribers while AT&T has 90 million. So 11 million AT&T subscribers are slamming the network while 4 million Droid-ites are tapping Verizon’s network gently. So what happens, then, when the iPhone effect hits Verizon, especially on Verizon’s older, slower CDMA network? Verizon will experience the exact issue that has been plaguing AT&T: the curse of success.

A second carrier is great for Apple but a lot still remains to be seen. Anybody ready to jump the AT&T ship for a Verizon iPhone?

iPhone or Droid?

I wish this was easier but at the same time I don’t.

Battle of the Ages

Battle of the Ages

Life with a smartphone

For someone as nerdy as myself, it’s amazing how I survived so long with a “dumb phone.” The primary reason for not adopting a smartphone sooner was cost. Due to a series of impulsive decisions, I’ve finally joined the club, but where I ended up might be surprising to those who know me for my Apple Fanboy-ism. Continue reading ‘Life with a smartphone’

iPhone 3GS for Cheap

How to get an iPhone 3GS for cheap ($175 off) with Microsoft Bing’s Cash Back (via Alex King)

Smartphone Lust

In the recent wake of smartphone-related news, I’ve never been more unhappy to be locked in to a Verizon contract for another six months. For me, the iPhone is a no-brainer, the sleek Apple design and the versatility it gains from the App Store really leaves much to be desired of my current Samsung SCH-U740.

The iPhone isn’t the only contender to be my most desired smartphone. While the Google G1 and the Android platform looked promising, it’s first iteration didn’t really live up to it’s full potential or hype in my opinion. The second generation Android phone doesn’t change much. With my general dislike of BlackBerry or Windows Mobile based devices, I was thrilled with what the Palm Pre has to offer. Reading about it really doesn’t do it justice; you need to watch the demo of the new WebOS to really get a sense of why it’s so cool and how Palm has positioned itself to be the most legitimate iPhone competitor. Continue reading ‘Smartphone Lust’

iPhone 3G Launch Day

Like every other Apple Store in the world, the Apple Somerset found itself host to a long line fanboys hoping to snatch the coveted iPhone 3G. As much as I love the iPhone (and i do love it), I’m not entirely sure I’d camp out like many a loyal fanboy have done.

Continue reading ‘iPhone 3G Launch Day’

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