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Running, eating and cheetahs

My good buddy Jing, did a nice write-up comparing my running and eating ability to a cheetah. While I am nothing like a cheetah literally or metaphorically, Jing makes a few very interesting discoveries (despite the pseudo-scientific nature of the calculations).

What I found most interesting was how linear my PR’s were from 60m to 500m. Also oddly, those two events happened to be above average. Definitely very strange.

My times are almost perfectly linear.

My times are almost perfectly linear.

Be sure to check out what Jing has to say about my metabolism relative to a cheetah’s too!

Cure for the “Butt-Brick”

All guys who carry wallets surely have to deal with the “butt-brick,” a condition where the wallet creates an unsightly bulge in one’s back pocket. It certainly annoys me because a fat wallet is also uncomfortable and according to the BBC, a serious health risk. Not wanting to live with the butt-brick and the risks that came with it, I started searching for a solution. Continue reading ‘Cure for the “Butt-Brick”’

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