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AT&T Wi-Fi Part II

The session window for AT&T Wi-Fi

The session window for AT&T Wi-Fi

For those of you who frequent Starbucks, you surely know about the free 2 hours of Wi-Fi access you get as a Rewards member. I was always dubious about the 2-hour limit; the access was provided by an AT&T account you sign up for and thus it didn’t appear as though Starbucks had any sort of control over the network. The account you sign up for doesn’t come with any sort of identifier as being associated with Starbucks Rewards either.

Today I spent a good chunk of time there working on various projects and had the opportunity to test what would happen to my Wi-Fi access after two hours. Apparently nothing. Awesome :smile:.

How to score free groceries

  1. Plan a late-night trip to Wegmans with your roommate.
  2. Wander around the store finding things you need and even more things you don’t (don’t forget the milk!).
  3. Check out and load up the car.
  4. After arriving home, realize that there is only one jug of milk in the car. Where’s the other jug? You probably left it in the shopping cart.
  5. Go back to Wegmans and go to the service desk. Explain your missing milk situation like an idiot.
  6. Kind/tired Wegmans will give you free milk.
  7. Return to the car only to find that the missing jug has been there all along.
  8. Get your daily dose of calcium.

AT&T Wi-Fi

Starbucks and AT&TA while back I wrote about Starbucks’ Rewards program. Any registered member of the program receives “up to two hours of free AT&T Wi-Fi service, everyday.” I was previously under the impression that this meant you needed to purchase something to get wi-fi access, however it appears (upon closer inspection of the terms and in real-world trials) that no purchase is necessary.

This makes things more convenient for road warriors. I would suspect that this trick works at any AT&T Hotspot. Of course anyone with an iPhone or other qualifying AT&T plan automatically gets hot-spot access and you can even enable automatic login with iPhone OS 3.0:

Anyways, if anyone has confirmed that with Starbucks Rewards, you can use AT&T Wi-Fi at any AT&T hotspot, be sure to share in the comments.

Check out more about Starbucks Rewards at http://starbucks.com/cardrewards.


One of the draws of Macs is their hardware deign and elegant UI; not only with Apple products and software though. Third-party developers drive the Mac user experience by creating beautiful applications (and accessories) that show the same focus on excellent design. (i.e. Tweetie, Coda, and Pixelmator). Something as simple as a screensaver is no exception. Mac OS X comes with a collection of stunning wallpapers and screensavers, however I wanted to set my computer apart with something a little bit different.

WordClock by Simon Heys is simple, yet elegant screensaver I found that serves also as a clock. It can be customized in a variety of ways. Check out the video to see what I mean.

Word Clock for Mac, PC, iPhone from Simon Heys on Vimeo.

Keeping tabs on your wallet

In todays rough economic times, it’s always good to play it on the safe side when it comes to your finances. A little while back, I wrote about Mint, a great way to manage and see you finances across all your accounts and assets. Another favorite of mine, is BillShrink. While it’s credit card recommendation tool is similar to Mint’s, they also have a great tool for figuring out the best cell phone plan based on your current usage.

While both those sites are a great way for you to get a sense of your money, it’s also important to know how companies view your financial situation. By law you are entitled to a free credit report every 12 months. You can get this report from each of the three credit reporting bureaus at sites like annualcreditreport.com. What is lacking from this report however, is what most people are really interested in; that is the actual credit score. A site i found (via the Mint blog), is CreditKarma. Upon (free) registration, you will have access to your actual credit score and see how it compares to other demographics. They also provide a bunch of tools to help you calculate how different factors (such as taking out a loan or applying for another credit card) would immediately impact your score.

Having good credit will only make things easier down the road so these sites are definitely worth a look. For more information on all the credit report and credit rating business along with tons of other useful personal finance information, be sure to check out the Mint blog!

Web Apps Galore

It seems nowadays, there is a web application for everything. In a few short years, we’ve seen explosive growth in a movement called Web 2.0. This has resulted in a shift towards spending more and more time in our browsers, and less time in standard desktop applications. With so many new web applications popping up left and right, you will invariably see clones and companies trying to best each other. It can definitely be overwhelming trying to keep track of them all. The following are the web apps that make the cut for me. Those who know me well, know that I am extremely particular about the technology I use so I hope you will find these sites as useful as I have.

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