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8 In a Row!

Heps ChampsCongratulations to all the guys who competed at the Heptagonal Championship for an Ivy League Record 8 consecutive outdoor track and field championships.

Photo Credit: Dan Grossman

Fruit by the Football Field

Shoulda gone to Costco

Shoulda gone to Costco

Today, I participated in a truly absurd undertaking: a challenge called Fruit by the Football Field. Remember those rolled up, fruit-flavored, tape-like candy? The goal of the challenge was to eat a football field’s length worth of Fruit by the Foot. We were divided into two man teams with one member starting at each end of the field, eating our way to the center.

I typically eat a lot, but this challenge proved to be much more difficult than expected. The raw amount of sugar proved to be too much for me to handle. By the end, my mouth was coated in a slimy sugary film that sort of burned, not to mention the soreness of my jaw from the chewiness. My saliva changed colors as I consumed different flavors of the candy. I ultimately ate 24 yards worth in what can only be described as an indescribable experience. The amount of discomfort could not be matched by anything else I’ve ever done.

From a nutrition standpoint, 24 yards= 1920 calories and 216 grams of sugar.  It could have been a lot worse.

Yard by yard.

Yard by yard.

At the end of the day, I think that this challenge reinforces the concept that the consistency/texture of the food being consumed matters almost as much as the volume ultimately eaten. Also, General Mills should give us some sort of sponsorship because this was the stupidest 20 dollars I have ever spent.

I guess at least Sean and I came in second.

More photos here and here.

CU at the Heps

Cornell Track and Field wins it’s 7th consecutive outdoor Ivy League championship:



After a really rough season, nothing like a win at Heps to get pumped up for next season. Also worth nothing, this win came after 2 DQ’s amongst of other shenanigans. Congrats boys.

Blacked out in class

Today in my Risk Management and Policy class (PAM 4230), we were watching some video clips as case studies about how corporations handle litigation in terms of managing risk. The first video clip was from a Frontline documentary about Dow Corning’s breast implants. The early implants leaked silicone and result in adverse health effects for many women. The video itself wasn’t particularly graphic (though they did show some surgery scenes), nor was the topic itself extraordinarily gross. I found myself however, extremely uneasy as the video progressed, unable to sit still.

Eventually, I started to get a tingling sensation throughout my arms and shoulders. Breathing suddenly became a laborious task. The longer I sat there listening to and watching the film, the greater discomfort I experienced. Unsure of what to do, I tried to distract myself with the crossword puzzle to no avail. The darkened classroom made the small print impossible to read. A sensation of heat replaced the initial tingling as my vision blurred and narrowed. Continue reading ‘Blacked out in class’

Beautiful day, ugly running

Yet another subpar race this week. I’m still trying to figure out what the deal is. This season has definitely been beyond frustrating.

Bucknell Bison Outdoor Invitational

Here’s a video from this past weekend’s meet at Bucknell University. Definitely didn’t do as well as I hoped.

The video was recorded on a Polaroid DVC-00725F High Definition Digital Camcorder and edited in iMovie.

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