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Kor One

In lieu of the recent debate over the health ramifications of BPA in consumer products, I had the perfect excuse to purchase the Kor One Hydration Vessel. I’m not quite sure where I first saw the Kor, but I instantly loved the unique design, BPA free materials and the fact that Kor donates 1% of their sales to a different water-related cause depending on which Kor you buy. I wanted a new bottle considering the age and condition of my Nalgene.

My initial hesitation to purchase this bottle lied in the one aspect people criticize first: the price. At $30 dollars, the Kor is basically just a pretentiously named, grossly overpriced water bottle. I’ve definitely taken some flack from friends over this. The cost of the Kor makes the (previously expensive but now relatively less so) Nalgene and Sigg bottles which serve the same function a fraction of the price, look like a steal. However, the same can be said about nearly everything we purchase; a cheap Timex watch tells time just as well as an expensive Rolex. The difference lies in the statement the Rolex makes for the wearer. The fact is, we pay a premium for things that provide value to us beyond that item’s intrinsic function (thanks largely to some tricky marketing).

For me, I found the Kor to be superior to other similar water bottles on an intrinsic functional level, as well as a more abstract philosophical level. The design of the Kor is much more appealing than any other water bottle I have seen. I get comments everyday on my Kor. It is also transparent so you can the contents (something the Sigg and Kleen Kanteen doesn’t allow) and has a hinged lid for one handed operation (sorry Nalgene). Kor donates to worthy causes, albeit given the price, Kor should probably donate much more than 1%. Kor also greatly reduces plastic bottle consumption; even though I always recycle my plastic bottles, reducing demand for them couldn’t hurt. I also find that I’m drinking much more water daily which, as an athlete, I definitely wasn’t drinking enough of before.

Ultimately, I am very satisfied with the Kor and it’s undeniably unique design. Even if you still think the Kor is ridiculous, I hope you consider doing something about the bottled water you consume. Packaging and transporting bottled water creates a huge carbon footprint people don’t normally think about. The amount of these recyclable (petroleum-based) bottles that end up in landfills is also staggering. Filtering your own water and carrying it in your own bottle is just one of the many small steps we can take to living more responsibly.

P.S. I got the green one from Koyono. Read more about Kor at

Reasons to go Slimmy

Koyono Slimmy Wallet

Koyono Slimmy Wallet

I wrote a review of the Koyono Slimmy Wallet a little while back, but I thought this was worth revisiting. Koyono has posted a list of reasons to go Slimmy which is probably more convincing than me.

I’ve had mine for several months now and I love it. It really is a sleek looking wallet. Koyono also has some of the coolest accessories in their collection as well. Be sure to check them out.

Smartphone Lust

In the recent wake of smartphone-related news, I’ve never been more unhappy to be locked in to a Verizon contract for another six months. For me, the iPhone is a no-brainer, the sleek Apple design and the versatility it gains from the App Store really leaves much to be desired of my current Samsung SCH-U740.

The iPhone isn’t the only contender to be my most desired smartphone. While the Google G1 and the Android platform looked promising, it’s first iteration didn’t really live up to it’s full potential or hype in my opinion. The second generation Android phone doesn’t change much. With my general dislike of BlackBerry or Windows Mobile based devices, I was thrilled with what the Palm Pre has to offer. Reading about it really doesn’t do it justice; you need to watch the demo of the new WebOS to really get a sense of why it’s so cool and how Palm has positioned itself to be the most legitimate iPhone competitor. Continue reading ‘Smartphone Lust’

Facebook Haters

So Facebook finally went live with it’s latest design and as expected, the backlash began right away. Search Facebook Groups for “new Facebook” and you’ll see results such as “I HATE THE NEW FACEBOOK (STALKER) Layout” or “The New Facebook Sucks!” or “I Hate the New Facebook”. Looking at most of these groups, it is clear that these people are misunderstanding what Facebook is meant to be.
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The new face of Facebook

Everyone’s favorite procrastination tool is due for it’s 2nd major makeover. I’ve been playing with the new version for a little while now and evidence of other social networking sites have made their way into Facebook’s new design. The look and feel is mostly the same; the single largest change is the merging of the newsfeed with the wall reminiscent of Twitter or Pownce. You’ll also notice the ability to clean up your profile by using tabs to organize all your content; applications no longer dominate the page. With these changes, emphasis is being put more on social interaction. While I like the direction Facebook is taking, most Facebook users will probably immediately oppose the change espescially given the fact that the Twitter-like concept of the new Facebook is still largely unfamiliar to most people. I fully expect hundreds of “Petition to change Facebook back to the way it was” groups to pop up.
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iPhone 3G Launch Day

Like every other Apple Store in the world, the Apple Somerset found itself host to a long line fanboys hoping to snatch the coveted iPhone 3G. As much as I love the iPhone (and i do love it), I’m not entirely sure I’d camp out like many a loyal fanboy have done.

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