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Mac Booq

Since becoming an Apple Campus Rep, I’ve been fortunate to have the new Unibody MacBook at my disposal. As much as I love my (previous generation) MacBook Pro, sometimes carrying it around got to be a problem depending on how many other books I needed to carry. The MacBook was smaller, and sturdier (thanks to the unibody construction of course). The MacBook is a pleasure to carry around, I can hardly tell it’s in my backpack. However the thought of it being bumping around in my backpack all day was disheartening. I already owned the Neoprene Incase sleeve for my MBP, and it just the extra padding I was looking for to protect the my new MacBook. Continue reading ‘Mac Booq’

This Week in Twitter 2009-04-26

Beautiful day, ugly running

Yet another subpar race this week. I’m still trying to figure out what the deal is. This season has definitely been beyond frustrating.

New MacBook

I recently received my new aluminum “unibody” MacBook. Initially, I wasn’t sure how having a machine in addition to my (previous generation) MacBook Pro would work out. For the most part, reviews of the new MacBook have been positive. The change from polycarbonate plastic to aluminum definitely makes the MacBook feel like a much nicer machine. The unibody construction also adds a great deal to the quality feel; juxtaposing my two machines makes my MacBook Pro look old and clunky (something I never thought possible). Continue reading ‘New MacBook’

This Week in Twitter 2009-04-19

This Week in Twitter 2009-04-12

  • I’m on a bus! …To Bucknell for the Bison Outdoor Classic. #
  • Prefrosh everywhere! #
  • @mobius33 Just one…inflation at Trillium must belike 80,000% #
  • Just got the shaft at Trillium, somehow my Iced Tea, Chinese Combo and Reeses Pie cost nearly $15. #
  • @esbie Google Voice is boss. in reply to esbie #
  • @derekcftam Install CrossOver and run the Windows version from your Mac in reply to derekcftam #
  • @derekcftam Not too many alternatives. Perhaps Google Spreadsheet or Zoho. As much as I love iWork, I’m not huge in Numbers yet. in reply to derekcftam #
  • @USuMBS No, people assume that already, it’s part of the stereotype. I said you secretly bench press 550 lbs. in reply to USuMBS #
  • RT @EatingIthaca @bittman World’s largest urban farm planned for … Detroit: #
  • Dude in the library must really like Lipton Tea. He had at least 4 bottles around him, 3 of which were already empty. #
  • @Nick_Longfellow You could’ve just went to Nasties. in reply to Nick_Longfellow #
  • 3 Word docs, 1 PDF, Finder, Write-n-Cite not to mention iChat and Safari. Thank god for Tabs and Spaces. #
  • I’m making a huge mess with this croissant. People like me are the reason food isn’t allowed in the library. #
  • GirlTalk…not sure if I’m excited or not. #
  • @USuMBS That’s inherently contradictory. Beautiful day=anything buy studying. in reply to USuMBS #
  • The CDL Fashion show was pretty cool. Good thing I don’t carry my checkbook or cash on me ever or I’d be out another $50. #

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