3jam Web App

After I discovered GrandCentral (now known as Google Voice), I quickly became enamored with the power and flexibility Google lent to phone technology. I was also surprised by the number of Google Voice alternatives, I found a number of products (Line2, VoxOx, Phone Booth, Grasshopper).

While most of the aforementioned sites are tailored for business use, 3jam seemed to be much simpler without sacrificing much of the basic functionality of Google Voice and also had numbers available in the elusive 212 area code. Between my actual phone number, Google Voice and 3jam, I have three phone numbers. Unfortunately 3jam doesn’t have an app or even a slick web app like Google does so I decided to create my own.

If you’re as nerdy as I am to be messing around with 3jam, take the web app for a spin, it currently serves as a iPhone-esque SMS interface (as opposed to using SMS shortcodes to send txt messages via your 3jam number). In the future I hope to take advantage of all the other features of 3jam’s API.

Download: 3jam Web App

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