Microsoft is at it again

Following in the footsteps of their latest Laptop Hunter ads, Microsoft has created a new ad targeting the iPod. More specifically, the cost of filling an iPod with music. According to Microsoft, it’ll cost $30,000 to fill an iPod from using iTunes.

A lie of this magnitude makes the Laptop Hunter ads look almost reasonable. Considering the fact that

  • Not all songs cost $0.99 (some cost more but some cost less too).
  • Purchasing albums lowers the cost per song
  • Ripped CD’s
  • Movies take up a lot of room, and if you have an iPod touch, apps
  • Maybe I like my iPod to double as an external hard drive

These are all ways that you can fill an iPod without spending $30k. I didn’t even mention pirated music! As far as I’m concerned, digital music is somewhere Microsoft has managed to fail on a much more consistent basis that some of their other departments (Windows XP sort of…and XBox).

Given the outrageous claim that we all spend $30,000 to fill our iPods, my iPod library (movies, music, apps, audiobooks, photos) does take up a significant portion of my hard drive, on my old HP laptop, it was over half; granted I only had an 80GB HD back then.

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