Facebook is SO 2006

For a while now, I’ve been hearing and seeing a lot about Twitter in the blogosphere and the internet community in general. I didn’t have a sense of what it was aside from something involving text messaging (SMS – short messaging service). Seeing as my SMS on my prior cell plan was disabled, I never looked into it. Now as a new subscriber to an unlimited SMS plan as well as my never ending quest for distractions, I decided to take Twitter for a spin.The first question that people are quick to ask is: “What is Twitter?” The answer is slightly more complicated, but someone at some point coined the term “micro-blogging” to describe Twitter. and Cats.In general, it’s a different perspective on social networking that we have grown accustomed to with MySpace, Facebook, Friendster and the likes. The general premise is that there are lot of little things we see, hear or do throughout the day that our friends may be interested in, but we wouldn’t necessarily send an email or IM to announce. That’s where Twitter comes in. You submit a 140 character “tweet” via the Twitter website, IM or SMS where your message is then posted and sent to your friends (via SMS if the setting is turned on).What makes Twitter unique is the fact that you interact with it away from your computer. This makes it much more real time. While it might sound really creepy, it’s not in practice. The fine folks at CommonCraft have put together a nice video which explains the concept a lot better. In the few days that I have been on Twitter, I find myself addicted despite the few friends I have currently. Aside from social networking purposes, Twitter is also useful for announcements and numerous Twitterbots provide useful features. Everyone from Snoop Dogg to Barack Obama is leveraging Twitter’s growing popularity and ease of use. While initially, Twitter’s primary user base consisted of savvy internet junkies, Twitter is rapidly growing. Now that Facebook has seemingly hit a wall in terms of popularity and features, Twitter’s simplicity and increased interactivity with users made it much more appealing to me.If you do decide to give Twitter a try, make sure to follow my Twitter and I’ll be sure to do the same. You can see my latest Tweets on the sidebar to the right (the What I’m Doing section) or by visiting http://twitter/btan88. Let me know what you think!Image Credit: http://mashable.com/2007/03/11/twitter/Other useful links:

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